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Courses & Training

MWT has a cadre of experienced medical professionals who have domestic and overseas experience. Their real-world lessons learned can empower your ops and/or medical team to perform their best when time is critical. 

Our courses are listed below. Need something specific to your unit, department, or organization? Drop Brett an email and let him know what you need. 

Officer Survival

No prior medical experience necessary. A great refresher for anyone with 1st Aid to EMT training previously.

  • Hemorrhage Control

  • Tourniquets 

  • Self Aid

  • Partner Aid

Great course that matches good medicine and tactics.

Classroom + hands-on practice. Certificates can be provided for officer HR files.

Stop the Bleed

Much of this course is covered in the Officer Survival course, but Stop the Bleed can be its own stand-alone course or added to any other of MWT's courses. 


Our lead instructor is one of the nation's key thinkers and practitioners with experience downrange. 


MWT can provide certificates for this course for officer HR files. 

AHA 1st Aid, CPR & Auto Defibrillator Cert

One day course with certificate for learning the current CPR guidelines. Course includes:


  • Practice using automatic defibrillators

  • Practice dealing with common first aid situations officers encounter

  • Practice with items commonly available, like epipens

  • Learn to recognize health conditions common with the elderly, like strokes

Great for those in community policing.



The Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCC) course for dog handlers or those working with dogs. Topics include:


  • Hemorrhage control 

  • Dog vs. human trauma approaches

  • Field expedient muzzles & handling

  • Pre-emptive care (hot weather, long work shifts, etc)

  • Short course or full 2-day with high fidelity models course options

Certificates of completion available for students' HR files.


The Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCC) was created by DoD to teach evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies for the best trauma care on the battlefield. MWT teaches TCC using DoD's curriculum and guidelines.

TCCC-MP: For military medical personnel is a two-day classroom course to prep for forward deployments. 

TCCC-AC: For all ops personnel is a one-day course to meet the needs of those who are non-medical trained. The course focuses on first responder skills.


The civilian version of theTactical Combat Casualty Care (TCC) course geared for Law Enforcement Officers. The two-day course is appropriate for those at the basic first aid-level to those with paramedic training. 

The course's overall goal is to teach skills and tactics to decrease preventible deaths in tactical situations. Three course components include:


  • Direct threat care

  • Indirect threat care

  • Evacuation care 


The Tactical EMS (TEMS) course for Law Enforcement Officers, EMS, and firefighters responding to an emergency. The course emphasizes logistics, team work, multi-agency preplanning and coordination, staging, and other multi-agency considerations.

Ideally, this course will include those from the same city/town/state who are first responders to work through coordination issues and preplanning.