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Rotary & Fixed Wing Assets

Our Air Asset fleet is available for aerial surveillance, security, executive transport, aerial interdiction training and air assault training.






Using state of the art digital video and still photography, MWT can provide:

  • Aerial Photography

  • Real Estate Photos

  • Construction Progress Photos

  • Power Line Patrol

  • Pipeline Patrol

  • Facility Patrol

  • Lake/River Patrol

MWT offers the following aerial-based training:

  • Aerial Target Interdiction

  • Aerial Sniper Interdiction

  • Air Assault

  • Helicopter Rappelling

  • Purpose-built client courses

Our air assets can aid your operations and can be manned by MWT's cadre of experienced operators.

  • Aerial Surveillance

  • ISR

  • Security Patrol

  • VIP/Dignitary Protection

  • FAA Training & Pilot Certification

  • Rides, Tours, Sightseeing

  • Air Charter Services

MWT's fleet operates 24/7 and in almost any weather conditions. We will work with clients to identify their needs, select the appropriate asset, and build an itinerary or training schedule.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us at information@mohawkwarriortraining.com or call (703) 646-7718.