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Know. Train. Implement.

MWT is a comprehensive security company. We train law enforcement officers, military units, and private security teams to meet real-world demands. We provide consulting services to companies that wish to build or test their security posture. We create and staff security solutions globally to meet client needs. 

Blue Lives APPROVED TRAINING  Transparen

MWT is thrilled to announce that we have been named a BLUE LIVES MATTER NYC approved training center.

From foundational skills to advanced team and department tactics, MWT is dedicated to training Law Enforcement Officers.

BLM-NYC Approved Training Center



Special Forces. Federal Agencies. Police Special Units.

Service – It’s what brought the MWT team together.


Our leadership team has all spent time in uniform – and then went back to areas of crisis as civilians. It wasn’t easy, but it is work that we love. We solved hard problems, built relationships with foreign partners, and ensured that the mission came first. During these times we found that we relied on each other and sought one another out to tackle new problems.


MWT appreciates that meeting the mission means understanding what is really going on in an area and then addressing the many aspects of the problem. Sometimes that is creating a straightforward static security plan. Other times, that is building a community engagement program that brings clients flexibility to do business in unfamiliar areas. There is no cookie-cutter solution in the complicated world we live in - and MWT is not in the business of offering one solution for every client.


From the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command, to the Naval Special Warfare Command, to U.S. Government Agencies that operate overseas, MWT has knowledge and experiences that benefit clients in every aspect of their business.



Individual Solutions for the Real World



MWT’s courses are dynamic and challenging – to prepare students for real-world events. Instructors use their experiences as a foundation to explain the how and why of tactics and methodologies.

Courses are conducted at one of MWT’s partner ranges or at a client’s preferred range location.

MWT instructors observe and monitor the skill level of the individual student during training. Instructors will deliver specific adjustments to students where needed to maintain a consistent level of professionalism during the course. 


Know that there is a security aspect to your business, but not sure where to start? Concerned that your current security posture has weak areas?

MWT’s Consulting Services gives clients:

  • An overview of potential and on-going threats                     

  • A review or inspection of current security protocols             

  • Creation of a comprehensive security plan                            

  • Training of security professionals and Law Enforcement    

  • An in-depth look at the dynamics of the local community which impact business 



Have a security plan that requires training and staffing? Have people and assets that require protection?


MWT’s Security Implementation services gives clients:

  • A cadre of security professionals with global experience

  • Static, mobile, and tech-based solutions                               

  • Rapid deployment of people and resources                         

  • Evacuation and safehaven of people and assets                 


Unsure about the productivity of a foreign-based business unit? Concerned that in-house security officers are not following protocol?


MWT’s Verification services gives clients:

  • Drill or exercise security to determine preparedness            

  • Security intrusions to evaluate responses and timeliness   

  • Evaluation of the activity levels of facilities                                



Need real-time tracking of mobile assets or shipments? Concerned about the location and safety of personnel operating abroad?


MWT’s Tracking services using the Angel Eye platform give clients:

  • Real-time dashboard with assets and personnel locations

  • Web-based platform for monitoring anywhere and on any computer, tablet or phone

  • Updates on the security situation in a location of interest

  • Information on the security of specific routes                         

  • Traveler itinerary updates – know when flights, trains, or   other transportation is delayed or cancelled


Concerned that friends, family, colleagues back home will know where you are in an emergency? Unsure how to contact emergency services in a foreign country?


MWT’s Traveler Security services using the Angel Eye platform give clients:

  • Peace of mind that their location is being monitored       

  • A quick response app or tracker that directs emergency services to your location

  • Push notifications of possible and on-going security         incidents – knowledge of where to avoid

  • Travel tips and warnings for the city, region, and country you are visiting

  • Itinerary updates – know if a flight or other transportation mode is delayed or cancelled



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